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We carry US, European and Malaysian releases from Hot Wheels (Mattel). Occasionally Mattel partners with Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, Kroger, Kmart or other big retailers. We try to always have a handful of store exclusives in our online hobby store, as they are one of the fun angles on the whole entire idea of collecting. We try to provide those who may not have those certain retailers in their region a chance at picking up the limited items.
Come check out our selection of store exclusives, you never know what you might find in this section!

Watch out for Chases, Super Treasure Hunts & Treasure Hunts ... you might be lucky!

Buy 10 Mainline Hot Wheels & Get 1 FREE!

How can you benefit from our "Buy 10 Mainline Hot Wheels and Get 1 FREE" offer?
When you purchase (Add To Cart) 10 Carded Mainline Hot Wheels (Long & Short Cards ONLY), the 11th one you add will automatically give you ONE FREE (lowest price one). In other words, you purchase 11 Mainline Hot Wheels for the price of 10.

*Not included in this offer are: Premium-Basic Mainline Hot Wheels.
(eg. Pearl & Chrome, Fast & Furious or any other themed series).