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We Love Making Happy Customers (Chapter Two)

by Cody Mackenzie 03 Apr 2024

Cheers fellow Diecast collectors & Automotive Fanatics!

Here is another "Chapter" to why we love this diecast collectors business and making our Customers happy. We take great pride!

Now let me talk about Stephon, one of our good and loyal customers from Ontario (Canada).
It all started with his first order with us getting lost or delivered to the wrong address by our shipping courier. Long story short, he never got his package... great way of starting a "business" relation with a client/customer!

After several emails with the shipping courier and Stephon, we finally got his package shipped with several other orders he made afterwards. Thanks for the confidence despite the first "impression"!

Fast forward to today...
We receive a wonderful email from Stephon:

Hey guys I just wanted to reach out to let you know I did receive this parcel and honestly I am blown away by the time and care that was taken into packing these items, so thank you for that (no cracked blisters or bent cards). I also want to thank you deeply for the hoonigan car and that heartfelt message which I know you didn't have to include but you did anyways  You guys are awesome. I will definitely be leaving a fantastic review and continually tell everyone I know in the game about you guys. I will always be a loyal customer. Thanks again.
Ps. Bellow I linked some photos of my show car hope you enjoy aha

Look at his beautiful Acura Integra!! (camber haters.. please go to the next Blog!)
Thank you Stephon for permitting me to show the world your beautiful ride!

Really, this is what "drives" our Team to continue our valuable Customer Service. Messages like this one are the true essence our existence!

Once again Stephon, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Cody & the Team

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